Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Fantastic News!!!

Back in June I was diagnosed with a complete placenta previa & put on strict bedrest. Well, I had an ultrasound last week to check on my placenta. My Dr was trying to see how healthy it was so we could go ahead & schedule my c-section. Things didn't go too well with the tech that performed my scan & I was highly dissapointed with how things had gone. I really was expecting some more bad news, since she had been so rude. I guess she was just having a bad day or something.

Ok, so today we go see my Dr for the results & my regular visit. He walks in with the hugest smile on his face & informs us that a miracle has happened & my placenta has migrated & is no longer a problem. I am now a free woman! I have been released from all restrictions as long as I don't go too crazy & listen to my body. After being down so long, I'm kinda slow.

Our little girl is weighing about 5 lbs. 7 oz.~this is just a guess based on the ultrasound & is about a week ahead of schedule. This is probably because I had to have some steroid shots earlier in the pregnancy in order to strengthen her lungs. So if I happen to go into labor now, it's ok & we will proceed with the c-section. Otherwise I have a scheduled date of October 2.

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